Fan Tower


Built in 977, Song dynasty, Fan Tower, China’s foremost protected monument, is the earliest architecture in Kaifeng. At Song dynasty, it is a six-corner huge tope with nine flowers in 80 meters height. As time went o­n, at Qing dynasty, o­nly three floors were left. But later, another three small towers were built o­n the three floors. Now, the tower is 31.3 meters high, built by grey bricks o­n which there are carvings of Buddha images.
The first floor of the tope is 13.10 in width, and the three floors are 25 meters in height, while the whole tower is 31.67 meters high. The images of Buddha are different in gesture, cloth and expression.
It has four distinct seasons with full sunshine, mild climate and temperate rainfall. its general temperature is 14℃. The best time for travel there is between September and October when the weather is mild.


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